Fuel is our community for youth in school years 7-13. It's packed with time to hang out, tribes, worship, inspiration and Fuel groups! For the latest pics, take a look @fuelstmarys on Instagram, and watch our highlights below or read on to find out more...

Fuel is our weekly gathering for all youth in years 7-13 (year 6s join from Easter until the summer) and takes place from 7.30-9.30pm each Friday. It's free and here's what you can expect each week...


Catching up with your mates is really important so we give plenty of time to do so over a game of table tennis or air hockey, or just sitting chatting over a smoothie or donut-drink (you gotta try it, it's epic)! It's a great place to make new friends too - our friendly youth team will introduce you to some people you may not know yet but they could just be the best friends you'll ever make!


Tribes are a big part of how we do community as Fuel - get to know new people in your tribe, complete challenges together, win prizes and above all have a laugh! Which one will you belong to?


We are part of St Mary's church and love to worship God, and we use music as well as art, video and lights to help us connect with God. If you're not sure what you believe that's no problem, you can just check out what's happening at your own pace. Young people like you are involved in programming lighting, mixing sound, playing instruments and singing. If you wanna get involved come along on Fridays and speak to your Fuel group leader.


Whether it's someone's personal story, a film feature, drama or a walk through experience, Fuel is about you being inspired and fuelled up for your daily life. No one should run on empty, and weekly inspiration is there to help you fuel like a boss and live life to the max!


Life changes fast and I'm sure you want to have time to talk things through with people at the same stage as you. That's what Fuel Groups are for - they give every person the chance to be honest about their life and just maybe end up inspiring someone else in a similar situation. They're about talking but also about action - they're where you work out how to use the Fuel to change your world for the better!

Wanna know more... check us out on Facebook or Instagram! Or message the team here! Or just come along - in the main church at St Mary's Church Centre, 44 Moss Lane, Sale, M33 6GD.

If you're a parent or carer, or a member of St Mary's and Sale West, and have a question about Fuel Youth, start by taking a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page - the link's to the right of this page.
Jonny Davies, 23/03/2017