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26TH MARCH 2018

  • The annual accounts were presented and agreed.
  • It was agreed that an administration assistant would be recruited.
  • General Data Protection Regulation will be coming into force in May 2018.  Jane Mottram is establishing what changes are required for the church.
  • A donation has been received towards the cost of re-surfacing the Butterflies’ play area behind the hall.
  • The manufacturers of the new chairs are being contacted about the safety issue with the linkages.
  • The electoral roll stands at 483.
  • The future of the Ascot Avenue property after it is vacated was discussed.
  • A letter has been sent to all churches by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York urging all churches to adopt best practice in safeguarding. The letter will be posted on the church noticeboard. 



A summary of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, including details of those elected.

  • 56 church members attended the APCM.
  • Matthew Holland and Helen Jarvis were elected as church wardens.
  • Jeremy Barnes presented the church wardens’ report.
  • Joan Heys presented the 2017 accounts.
  • The electoral roll closed with 498 names.  The roll is now open again for additions.
  • The elections took place and the following were appointed:

           Independent Examiner: Sue Suchoparek

Sidespersons: Margaret Baker, Derek Blain, Colin Cuthbert, Gladys Diggwa, Lee Hardy, Claire Harvey, Peter Johnson, Stephen Jones, Dana Laidlar, Ruth Mannell, Danielle Markland, Martyn Markland, Yorke Menzies, Rosie Morris, Marie O’Neil, Brenda Perry, Ray Stone, Helen Strong, Ian Thwaites, Rachel Thwaites, Mariana Timmis, Valerie Vincent and Helen Wilson.         

Deputy Wardens: Jeremy Barnes, Andrew Campbell, Avtar Diggwa, Vic Dupuy, Norman Elston (buildings), Lorna Hitchin, Jonathan Kay, Anne Keast, David Kellett, Peter Langley, Jeff McBurney, Claire Nathan, Diane Plunkett, Barbara Shimmings, Helen Wilson, Marion Yeomans and Tony Yeomans.

Parochial Church Council: 9 nominations were received for 12 places.  The following were elected: Jeremy Barnes, Ian Beaumont, Janet Darlow, Joan Heys, Lorna Hitchin, Elaine Jones, Matthew Kay, Barbara Shimmings and Ian Thwaites. 

 Due to the unallocated places a nomination was received after the meeting from Dave Atkinson.

  • The ministry staff shared personal stories and ministry highlights from across the parish.

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