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Through life we have been guided
By parents, teachers, friends.
At last, as we mature in age,
Our personal wish transcends.
At last we can experiment
No guidance there for us!
No-one to tell us “No, not that!”
Or make a lot of fuss.
But wait – that inner voice of God
Is saying, “Are you sure
That this is what you really want,
Or is there something more?”
And, in a quiet moment,
At any time of day,
It pays to listen carefully
To what your heart may say.
For, in you, that’s where Jesus lives,
He who died to save us all,
He’s always been there for you
Since you were very small.
He’s the best friend you can have,
Whatever your state in life,
Your joys he’ll gladly share with you,
And help you if there’s strife.
You may not always think He’s there,
But time will always tell,
Believe in Him, and work with Him,
And all will turn out well.
He promised.
Joan M. Gilbert

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