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Thy kingdom come

For several years now the Archbishop of Canterbury's vision of The Body of Christ praying in the Kingdom of God has been taken up by the wider church.  At St Mary's we set aside part of the 10 day period between Ascension and Pentecost to celebrate and explore this vision.
On three separate days members of our church met together to pray for specific areas of the Kingdom: i.e. children; the persecuted church; those who don't know Christ etc. etc.  And thanks are due to those who gave their time to lead these prayer sessions.
In addition, 6 interactive stations on the Lord’s Prayer were set up in church to walk through, offering opportunities to:

  • Make a connection between our earthly father (or father-figure) and Father God.
  • Think about what heaven on earth - or a perfect world - might look like.
  • Consider and be grateful for all the provisions we have.
  • Forgive others, say sorry and receive God's forgiveness.
  • Receive a word of encouragement, comfort, strength or guidance from scripture.
  • Share in the kingdom of God - receiving a crown and royal robe. 

The Lord's Prayer Experience received encouraging feedback from those who visited the church:

“Lovely to spend time in the peace and tranquillity of church and reconnect with God.  Content and resources really good - an enjoyable experience. Thank you.”

“Incredibly powerful - I was moved by many of the stations in ways I didn’t expect and really felt God speaking to me.  Thank you so much!”
“Thank you Lord for this time of quiet and peacefulness.  Thank you for those who prepared this time to be spent with you.”

Various groups which meet within the church building also took advantage of visiting the stations, which enabled both young and old to engage in the experience.  As a church we now pray that seeds have been sown into these lives and they will bear fruit.
Mavis Gibbs and Karen MacMillan

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