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I’ve got two months left here at St Mary’s, and looking back on the past ten months it has been a blast! It’s been amazing to be part of St Mary’s, I have learnt and gained so much from my time here. One of the most obvious things I have grown in is getting up and speaking in front of people, because before this year I had never wanted to do it, and so for me it was quite a big thing not to be fazed by it any more.
For me Fuel has been an obvious highlight; we have done some great events, one of my favourites being when the Stance and Sense (the Youth For Christ touring band and dance groups) came along one Friday night. They were really able to inspire the young people and there was so much positive energy and just a really good atmosphere of fun.
However, the best bit about the year has certainly been building relationships with young people in all the different settings, and seeing them grow and learn more about God has been really inspirational for me. God is continually doing amazing things through the young people, it’s been an honour to be a part of it.
Next year I’m moving back to Kent, where I’m from, to do an internship in my home church and another church that is in the area, with a focus on youth work and hopefully looking to get some more started.
Stefano Gould

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