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Bridlington is a small seaside town in East Yorkshire; Christ Church is a charismatic church in the centre of the town. Like St Mary's, they have a vision to be a training centre equipping disciples both in the church and further afield.

After a break of a couple of years, Christ Church conferences return with a weekend in October entitled Awakening. Running from the Friday night until Sunday lunchtime it is a great opportunity to hear New Wine speakers and worship together in a small, friendly setting. Many of us from St Mary's have made the journey across the Pennines in the past.

Mark Carey, Christ Church's vicar writes "The prophetic voice without missional discipleship is an echo chamber. Missional discipleship without the prophetic voice is a road to nowhere. The prophetic voice wakes us and missional discipleship causes us to rise and be the great army of God. We are gathering together so we can wake and rise and be sent out shining with the light of Christ."

This year the speakers are Paul Harcourt, leader of New Wine England and All Saints' Woodford; Cath Livesey, prophetic ministry leader at St Thomas' Philadelphia in Sheffield; Mark Carey and Rob Parker, Christ Church worship leader and leader of W.I.N.G.S. prayer house.

We heard both Paul Harcourt and Cath Livesey this summer. Cath has a passion for developing and equipping churches in the prophetic as part of an integrated missional church. Speaking at a seminar discussing the five-fold ministry of the church (based on Ephesians), she discussed how churches embracing the prophetic grow, using her experience as an example. Paul Harcourt was talking about his journey to faith and how a person who relies on their head more than their heart has learned to move in the prophetic realm. Both were really inspiring.

Christ Church is within 5- 10 minutes’ walk of a Premier Inn and many bed & breakfasts. There are pubs and restaurants in the area as well as fish and chips. If the weather is fine, the harbour is five minutes’ walk away; the town has two beaches, one golden sand and one cobbles/ chalk  to walk along and ponder upon what God is saying to you.

For those of us that find big events overwhelming, this is ideal. Hope to see you there.
To book your place go to www.christchurchbridlington.com/whats-on/
Ally Hollingworth

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