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WalkersTim and Miho Walker returned to UK early in July with the children Kent, Naomi and George. They’ve had 8 years in Japan, starting a new church in the northern city of Nyoro – now passed over to Japanese leadership.  They’ve a new call to reach out to the 64,969 Japanese people in this country! (Poll June 2016)
They plan to be based here in Manchester reaching out to Japanese women through mother and toddler groups, and to business men and students through personal bible studies as God leads.
They’re part of the OMF Diaspora team – a group committed to reaching Asians dispersed throughout the world.  Presently they are travelling around the country visiting supporters.
Pray for them in all the adjustments of living back in UK.  Miho, who is Japanese, has lived here briefly but never long-term!   Pray for:
God’s guidance as they make friendships with Japanese people.  
Good schools for the children who have only studied in Japanese Schools before.
Miho’s long-term visa for UK. 
They hope to visit in the Autumn and tell us more.
Mary Robinson 

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