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You may have read Stephen Jones’ article about New Wine in the last edition of Focus. He wrote that we all experience God’s Spirit in different ways and we each have our own story to tell. This is part of two stories: Susan’s story, which is beautifully intertwined with my own, because as Susan experienced God’s healing power, I witnessed it! I love it when that happens!
I don’t know Susan, except to say that she is short-sighted, has high cholesterol, had arthritis in her hands, and has various other ailments which I can’t remember.
I had been drawn to the seminars on prayer and healing, and armed with information from three such seminars, it was time for me to have a go at praying for someone, so I made my way to the front where there were others who needed prayer.
Susan was the lady I happened to stand next to and she asked if I would pray for healing for her, to which I responded that I would love to.  I asked her what was wrong; well, the list just kept on growing! She didn’t appear to be down about it, although she would have had every reason to be; rather I think she thought there was nothing to lose. I started to feel amused by the situation as it became apparent that I had very little chance of remembering everything she’d said to me (some of you may be old enough to remember the conveyor belt in The Generation Game!).
handsSusan held her hands out and she invited the Holy Spirit to come. After a few moments she stopped and said she had a pain in her thumb. It felt as though we were to pray for the arthritis in her hands, which, I can’t lie, was a bit of a relief. We prayed together for some time and during this, as instructed, I observed her to see if anything seemed to be happening, but there was nothing obvious, so, eventually, I asked Susan how her hands felt. Her fingers were curled over and I observed her facial expression; she was grimacing. But then her fingers shot open and the expression on her face changed completely to one of utter amazement. She said, “There’s no pain!”
Later in the week, I bumped into Susan again and she beamed as she told me that her hands were still pain-free.
I know that some people will read this with scepticism, but I believe that God is all-powerful, the creator of the universe and everything in it, so healing Susan’s hands would be such a simple thing for Him to do. Also, His love for Susan is immeasurable, so why wouldn’t He? I know we don’t always see God’s Kingdom breaking through, but sometimes we do, so I am going to keep on praying for people and rejoice each time I see Him at work.
Carol Dodgson

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