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It is part of our identity to be a resource church, equipping interns for a lifetime of seeing His Kingdom come on earth as in heaven, and it also brings exponential benefits to us by expanding our ministry and impacting young people’s lives. Across our society there are massive challenges facing children and young people, and as a church we have a huge opportunity to bring the compassion, purpose and hope of Jesus into many young lives. Every week we work with over 200 children and young people in schools, in Sale West community, and in church services and events. Much of that ministry is enabled by having interns join us each year, to serve and to discover more of God’s purpose and freedom for their lives.
INTERNSThis Autumn, Victoria Collins (left) is with us again, beginning her second year with us and with Trafford Youth for Christ, and Beth Skelton (right) joins us as another Trafford Youth for Christ volunteer intern with us.
We have benefited enormously from having interns with us over many years and in particular through Victoria and Stefano’s ministry last year. As a resource church it is with both a sense of loss and of excitement when we send out interns such as Stefano, who has returned to his home town in Kent to be involved in developing and pioneering youth ministry in two churches there. I want to honour here Stefano and Victoria for the unique ways they’ve contributed to our children and young people over the past year, sharing their own journeys with God with those they’ve ministered to, and I want to thank God for providing for us through them and through Victoria and Beth who join us for this coming year. And I want to thank you, the church, for supporting our intern programme – it is resulting in many moments of transformation for us, for our interns, and for our children and young people.
Jonny Davies
Youth Pastor

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