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IMG1308For those of you who don’t already know me, I am currently on placement here at St Mary’s Church as part of my Ordination training for the next couple of years. I am pleased to be involved in leading many different areas of the church across all congregations and I am happily married to Vicki; we have a baby boy called Solomon.
An area that I am passionate about is media and wanting to hear different voices across our church sharing their stories, Bible insights and faith journey. I have been able to do this through Podcasts and I am excited to announce that new Podcasts will be available on our website from March 2019.
The idea of Podcasts birthed out of the Equip Discipleship programme in 2016 and has developed ever since into recording a diverse range of inspirational talks, sermons and testimonies. This has increased my desire for us to create new ways of sharing the Gospel outside of the Sunday services. Those of you who might not be able to attend church for various reasons will be able to hear what God is doing in the life of St Mary’s and Sale West.
I have produced a number of Podcasts that you will be able to listen to using your smart phone, iPad or laptop; and whether you are on your way to work or at the gym you can engage with God throughout the week by listening to a range of topics that will hopefully encourage you on your faith journey.
All Podcasts will be available on our website and you will be able to stream and download them onto your device using your Podcast App or directly from the website. My heart behind the project combines my background in audio production and also my desire to see our Church grow through sharing the Christian message with others. This is also a great way for the Church to reach out to the wider communities outside.
If you would like to talk to me more about Podcasts then I’d love to chat with you. Please drop me an email on simonstride@hotmail.com.
Simon Stride

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