Each month we will be focussing on a different mission partner, bringing you up to date news and a prayer you can use at home.

For the month of May we will be focussing on:

Tim & Miho Walker

Japanese returnee ministry in Manchester and beyond

In our ministry to Japanese people in the UK our main focus is to serve returnees, new believers or those showing interest in Christian faith who will sooner or later return to Japan. It’s said that only around 2 in 10 Japanese who believe while overseas and then return to Japan continue as church-going, active Christians. Our vision is to see this situation dramatically improve.

We journey with returnees, helping them get spiritually prepared and equipped to confidently live out their faith when they’re home in Japan. They will often face social and cultural pressures. It can be challenging to settle well in a Japanese church when they return. These realities make Japanese returnee ministry essential. Wonderfully, though, when well prepared with their return in mind, many returnees become vibrant witnesses and disciple-makers for Christ in Japan.

Early in May, Miho was part of the Global Returnee Conference in Japan, attending with several colleagues engaged in Japanese returnee-focussed ministries in London, Dublin, Melbourne and Tokyo. There were over 200 people attending, all with the goal of returnees being better equipped to live for Jesus in Japan! It was such an encouraging time of fellowship and networking with returnees and people who serve them, including very relevant teaching and seminars for the returnees. Whilst there, Miho had the joy of meeting in person 4 returnee women she’s been regularly meeting with for Bible study and prayer online. Afterwards, Miho met up with several Japanese people we first got to know in Manchester. She also attended church with one of them, a young woman who has a deep interest in the Bible and Christian faith. We trust that she was further encouraged to settle in a local Japanese church.

At the beginning of June the new Japanese returnee ‘Connect’ project begins. With an online format enabling returnees to attend from wherever they are, Connect is all about bringing returnees together for spiritual equipping and mutual encouragement.

With our returnee focus we lead a range of activities for the Japanese community in Manchester. We connect with Japanese families, mainly through the mothers and toddlers group we run weekly. At the toddler group we practically serve Japanese families and share the hope we have in Christ, informally and also through a Japanese Bible reflection. Our Christmas and Easter events are an opportunity for the whole family to come along and hear more of this hope.

We also connect with Japanese students, and love to welcome many to our home for meals. We try to keep in touch with them after they leave Manchester, usually returning to Japan. We have done Bible studies with students and are always ready to open the Bible with those who show interest.

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