We have a range of Discipleship Courses to help you grow in your faith and support you in life.  Part of our strategy for discipleship is to provide Discipleship Courses appropriate to every stage of maturity:

wk4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - journey with
wk7 - Courses

Our Discipleship Courses have been written to help you grow in faith, through exploring the Christian faith, developing a relationship with God, discovering your identity in Christ and understanding the impact that you can have by living a purpose filled life.  For more details about our courses please use the links, below:



  • Faith Matters:  5-week course giving you time and space to Explore faith.
  • Encounter:  7-week course for anyone new to faith and for those wanting to refresh their faith
  • Freedom: discipleship course for church members.
  • Fast Forward: 7-week course that studies theological aspects which will impact your missional effectiveness


  • Exploring Marriage for people getting married in the next year, a practical course exploring relationships.
  • Money Budget Management Course a practical course to help plan your finances better.