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  • Church chair-end protectors still to be tried. An alternative solution could be to remove the metal connectors on the end chairs.
  • A new boiler to provide hot water to kitchen taps has been acquired.
  • Discussion of possible modification to the altar frontal box to screen the hot water pipes which have the potential to damage our altar frontals and have delayed our use of the box.
  • Discussion of the best way to ensure the door at the back of church functions as a fire exit while addressing the security issue of needing to secure that door during Fuel services, etc. A door-release bar was considered but on aesthetic grounds the decision was taken to go for a magnetic lock solution.
  • Graham Fosh presented a paper on Trustees. The Benefice Trustees are responsible for appointing future vicars of St. Mary’s, subject to the approval of two PCC representatives and the Bishop of Chester.  Recently, Stewart Darlow and Diana Forrest resigned as trustees.  The PCC thanked them for their service in this role.  Ian Bruce and Brian Macfaden are joining Graham Fosh (Chairman), Rosemary Sigee and Marion Yeomans on the team of trustees. Graham stressed that the trustees are not expecting to be called into action at the moment.
  • The electoral roll stands at 498

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