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Foodbank storeA big thank-you to all who donate to the Foodbank! Without your help we would not be able to meet the rapidly increasing need in our community.
Statistics have doubled in the past year for our five foodbanks in South Trafford area and currently, in a typical shift at Sale West, we can serve as many as 15 -20 households (which range from a single person to families with as many as four children). Trafford South overall fed 6,000 people in the year up to April ’19. Over 2,800 of these were children.
Our clients use the service for different reasons: they may be unemployed, struggling with illness or injury or on a low income and unable to make ends meet and feed a young family. The foodbank can be a life-saver especially for those who may be unable to claim benefits (or facing a long wait).
We welcome all donations but as we work from lists in giving out food, the most useful items are simple, non-perishable staple products such as tinned foods – remember these may be families with young children. Toiletries (male and female) are always useful. You can find a list of items we currently need at: https://traffordsouth.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-food/
Current shortages are:

  • Toiletries including toilet rolls
  • Washing powder
  • Coffee
  • Fruit juice/cordial
  • Tinned meat
  • Tinned fruit
  • Sponge puddings 

Thanks again for your ongoing support and for allowing us to keep serving our users. Many of them express their gratitude, but what is most rewarding is to see the relief in their eyes when the food arrives.
Trafford South Foodbank

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