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As I write the Women’s World Cup is well and truly up and running. A month of intense effort before the victorious team finally triumphs. Along the way there will be moments of brilliance, outrageous luck or the despair of no luck, poor refereeing decisions, tears and injuries. The winning team will not stand alone… the 11 players on the pitch are part of a 23-player squad. The squad is then surrounded by a vast support staff. From coaches to doctors, from an osteopath to masseurs and a psychiatrist to a nutritionist, the sizeable entourage provides the backup to the players’ attempts to win the trophy.
One purpose. All focussed. Striving for the same goal with a skilled part to play and supporting each other along the way.
Many people start their faith journey with what they receive, what they get from faith or church. As folk grow in faith they discover that they are not called to spectate in God’s mission to love the world; rather that God has given His gifts to each one so that they can play their part in the coming of God’s kingdom. Experience is the training ground that hones the gifts and talents we have into fruitful ministry.
Serving is one of the key areas that will help a Jesus follower wanting to grow in their faith, and so, I want to say a sincere ‘thank you’ to all of you who give of your time, skills and energy in serving in many different ways throughout the life and ministry of the church. You are awesome and contribute so much to who we are as a church!

Thank you

We stand together – one church, striving for the same goal with a skilled part to play and supporting each other along the way.

Steve Rankin

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