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Kewal1.   How long have you been coming to St Mary’s?
Since July 2018. We both attend the 7pm and I (Kewal) also attend the 9.30am.
2.   What brought you to the church? 
We have been involved in church ministry over the past 30 years, locally, nationally and more recently internationally. We believe God has now called us to our local church where we can get involved in impacting our local community. St Mary’s has a strong community presence and a long-standing history of reaching out to the local community.
3.   What were your first impressions?
St Mary’s is a very welcoming and relaxed church, with no pressure or rush to get involved in any church-related activities until you are ready to do so.
4.   What in particular has inspired you about the church?
St Mary’s is Kingdom-focussed, supporting us all to find out what we are called to do and enabling us to do it; what more could you ask from a church?
5.   What are you currently involved in and why those particular things? 
Prayer is key for us both. I (Kewal) am delighted to be on the prayer ministry team that supports men from the Betel Rehab Centre. We meet every 6 weeks at St Mary’s Church for fellowship and prayer. It is inspirational to see lives transformed by God’s incarnational love and the power of prayer. 
We and another couple from church have formed a prayer group specifically to pray for and prayer-walk in the Sale area. What better way to make a positive and godly impact on St Mary’s parish and the different communities that it serves?
I (Kewal) am also a ‘Roaming Greeter’; welcoming new people to church. I really enjoy getting to know people so it is a perfect fit!

Kewal and Joy Dass

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