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Light party 1Light party 3This year’s light party shone bright with glow sticks, neon face paint and loud, crazy colours!
The food tickets sold out online in record-breaking time and the main hall and café were full of 120 people savouring Joan’s and the catering team’s scrumptious sticky sausages, chips and curry to get them ready for the event.  We were so blessed to be busy and welcomed another 50 people at the start of the event.
It was wonderful to see the excitement on the faces of the children as they walked into church and were faced with the gigantic inflatable slide and bouncy castle, which helped create a party atmosphere that they will always remember! As well as bouncing and sliding till they dropped, the children came together in worship, which included a first rendition of one of our newest songs, Crazy Praise! They also enjoyed a range of other activities which included testing their nerve at glow-in-the-dark bowling; decorating light jars and making biscuits with neon icing. And of course they made sure to collect plenty of sweets along the way! The event ended with the children and adults holding their glass jar lanterns as they sang "I am a city on a hill, I am a light in the darkness"; the church lights were low and there was a sea of light and bright pops of colour from the glow sticks. A beautiful end to a great, happy night.
A massive thanks you to everyone who came to the event and a special thanks to everyone who volunteered their time. It is great to be part of such a supportive church family. We were so happy at how popular this event is becoming and are already super-excited about next year’s Light Party!

Julie Loynd
Children’s Pastor

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