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About six months ago, I finally accepted an invitation to the 7.00pm Contemporary Service. What a revelation, as I encountered the Holy Spirit in a way that I hadn’t previously done and experienced a real, physical demonstration of God’s presence. Thank you for making me feel welcome. The eyes of my heart have been truly opened.
Given that positive feeling, I really looked forward to the ‘Fuel Takeover’ and, judging by the attendance, so did many others. In an era of ageing congregations, it was wonderful to see the number of young people experiencing Jesus’ message here at St Mary’s. Their joy and faith was infectious and made me wish it was something that I could bottle; to open on one of those grey days we all have when we need some positivity. The event gave us all a taste of the Friday ‘Fuel’ experience which included: disco lights; social activities; group activities; worship songs; testimony; and team games. No prizes for guessing that an adult group won the team game. Faith might move mountains but doesn’t shift the adult competitive streak.
Huge credit must go to Jonny and the Fuel team. The work that they do and the respect in which they are held was clear and having role models who can show a moral compass is increasingly important in our society. A massive amount of effort must go into the planning of activities and the support of our young people. They are a credit to us and everybody involved should know they are loved, cherished and prayed for.
John Vaughan 

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