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We recently asked Beth and Victoria what their highlights have been so far as interns at St Mary’s, this is what they had to say:
 Fuel 2


  • I have really stepped out of my comfort zone this year learning to do jobs that I would not normally do and trust God that I can do them.  I have learned to do things through his strength rather than in my own strength.
  • God has used me in conversations with the young people at Fuel, in schools, the Cave and in the children's ministry.
  • I loved seeing the young people dancing around for the Lord; it was such a joy to see during the DJ worship at Fuel.  

    Prayer requests

- For energy for this term: we have lots of exciting things happening but it is a very busy term! 
- Prayer for the young people that more people seek Jesus!
- Keep praying for our team! 
- Prayer for sponsorship for the year out.


  • I have been challenged out of my comfort zone and learned how to trust the Father.
  • God has blessed me with an amazing Fuel group who every week blow me away with their willingness to hear more about Jesus! 
  • The past two years I have realised I can do a lot more than I ever thought I could and seen my confidence change. When I first moved to Trafford I wasn’t very confident in myself and God has massively challenged me on realising my identity is found in him and not what the world tells me I should be like. 

Since writing this article, Victoria has decided to finish her internship and move back to Scotland.  Please pray for her as she settles back at home and seeks guidance on what to do next.
Victoria also wrote “I just want to thank the church for all the amazing support and prayers they have given me in my time as an intern! It’s been such a privilege to be part of a growing church that longs to see more of Jesus!”

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