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Fast ForwardFasten your seatbelts and come on the journey, it’s exhilarating!

No doubt all of us at times imagine ourselves as we really want to be – wise, witty, loving, secure, generous and much more.  
As Christians we know that personal transformation and sanctification are possible because of the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. We trust that maturity comes with age but does age guarantee a better me?  Not from my experience!
The Fast Forward Course offers Christians who are secure in their relationship with Jesus Christ time to explore some theological aspects in greater depth, making life more enjoyable and more fruitful.
Danielle Markland, who will be one of the leaders teaching the course along with Ian & Jane Beaumont and Mavis Gibbs says this:
“In preparation for Fast Forward we have been unpacking Biblical topics over the past year, peeling back layers, looking at familiar topics from different perspectives, to get to the truth of what God really wants us to comprehend. It was stretching stuff, it wasn’t always easy, but it has become the highlight of my week. We have all experienced life-transforming changes. It feels as though I have been ‘Fast Forwarded’ into a better life”.
The programme is suitable for either individuals or whole small group to attend.
The weekly topics are:

  • Christ in me the hope of glory! What difference does that knowledge make to my life?
  • The Royal Priesthood! So what?
  • Sin – looking at it from the roots up
  • Power and Authority – using it to the max!
  • Living a Resurrected Life – now!
  • Squeezing more juice out of the Bible (2 weeks) 

Fast Forward will take place over 7 weeks and starts on Tuesday Sept 24, 7.45pm – 9.45pm, at church.
To apply for a place please complete the form on the church website or complete a form in the church foyer.
To make an enquiry or find out more please contact Danielle on adminassistant@stmarysaom.org or telephone 07970 874 962
Danielle Markland 

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