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Last December Georgette Butera visited the H.T.S. in Burundi for the first time in four years. Until then it had been considered unsafe to travel there because of political unrest. Georgette had received favourable reports about the school, but she was delighted with all she found when she arrived at the school unannounced. The school buildings and grounds were very well looked after, and the staff and pupils were bubbling with enthusiasm for the school and its achievements, although it is still necessary to employ security guards.
The school’s academic achievements are measured nationally, and the school is among the top technical colleges in Burundi.  However, it is criticised for only having 71 pupils when there is space for so many more and for its lack of recreational facilities. These are a consequence of major funding issues, and at present there is not enough money to allow such improvements. At present all the money raised goes towards educating the pupils, providing them with a uniform and giving them a meal every day.  For some pupils this is the only meal they get.
The Bible Group at the school is thriving and reaches out to the wider community around the school. The main hall can seat 500 people and is always completely full when churches in the area are invited to come together to pray for the nation.
We ask for your prayers for these young people so that they may continue to receive an education which will enable them to find work when they leave school; and to pray for peace and stability in Burundi.
To help with funding, our small group is holding a “Sweet and Sour” lunch, tickets £9.00 at Wendy Davis’s, 85 Harboro Road on Saturday July 6th from midday.  All very welcome.
Wendy Davis

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